SPRING 2019 StudyUSA & Canada Higher Education Fairs in Viet Nam

StudyUSA & Canada Higher Education Fairs in Viet Nam


Capstone Vietnam cordially invites you to participate in a unique, customized dual StudyUSA & Canada Higher Education Fair series in spring 2019 in Viet Nam that will cover five (5) cities in all three regions of the country, including primary and secondary markets.  

Viet Nam is a dynamic market for US and Canadian colleges and universities. As of July 2018, it ranked 5th among all sending countries in the US with 29,788 students at all levels.  In Canada, Viet Nam ranked 5th last year with nearly 15,000 students and a one-year increase of 89%.
Demand for overseas in general remains strong because of widespread dissatisfaction with the domestic higher education system, the reputation of overseas educational institutions for quality, the prestige factor of a foreign educational credential, and the unprecedented ability of parents to afford overseas study. 

This is a great time to join your colleagues who have already traveled to Viet Nam to begin, or continue, your recruiting efforts in this exciting market.

1. General Information & the Top 15 Reasons to Join Capstone’s Fairs 

Fair Objectives 

Fair series are an excellent way to introduce your institution to students and parents in different parts of the country who are eager for information about study opportunities in Canada and the U.S.  It is often the connection you make with a student or parent that convinces them to choose your institution over others.  In addition to the fairs, representatives are strongly encouraged to participate in the related high school visits and other activities. 

StudyUSA & Canada Higher Education Fairs benefit both Vietnamese students and Canadian/U.S. higher education representatives in the following ways:

For colleges and universities

  • An opportunity to meet serious prospective students interested in gaining admission to a community college or an intensive English, undergraduate or graduate program (Note:  Viet Nam is primarily an undergraduate market.);

  • A comprehensive country briefing that will update you on current market conditions and trends;

  • A chance to create or expand brand awareness for your institution in Viet Nam;

  • An opportunity to participate in mini-fairs at selected public, private, and international high schools;

  • A consular briefing in Hanoi or HCMC, if possible; and

  • Post-fair follow-up via email, telephone, and Facebook conducted by Capstone’s educational advising teams.

For students and parents

  • An opportunity to learn about the many advantages of pursuing higher education in Canada and the U.S.

  • An opportunity to meet with representatives of officially accredited Canadian and regionally accredited U.S. institutions of higher education, the gold standard of institutional accreditation in that country; and

  • Free initial advising provided to all participants for all participating schools. The entire fee is refunded, except visa counseling, if desired, if students enroll in a partner school.  (Our advising approach treats parents and students as our clients not partner schools.  We always look for best fit institutions for each and every student.)

Capstone Vietnam Services

  • Quick and convenient online registration;

  • Institutional profile in the fair guide, which is distributed to all fair attendees, high school students, and in our offices and at high schools until the next fair series;

  • Advertising opportunities in the StudyUSA & Canada fair guide;

  • Additional logistical services (domestic flight booking, hotel reservations, ground transportation);

  • Qualified, pre-screened student volunteers/interpreters (included in fair fee);

  • Convenient and reliable shipping of your materials OR the less costly option of in-country printing at substantial cost savings;

  • Translation and printing of promotional materials (i.e., a fee-based service);

  • Pre-event, fee-based digital marketing opportunities designed to shine a brighter spotlight on your institution and its key selling points;

  • Authoritative and detailed country briefing and discussion;

  • Ample time for discussion and consultation with Dr. Ashwill and his staff during “fair week” (this, of course, depends upon how many fairs you plan to join.);

  • You receive the contact information of the students who visit your table at the high schools you visit; 

  • Follow-up emails sent to all students at the high schools visited and all fair attendees, follow-up phone calls made; and

  • Follow-up on leads generated by the fairs starting with those classified as “hot leads”.

Participation Guidelines


Only officially accredited Canadian institutions and regionally accredited institutions in the US are eligible to participate.  (Capstone is the only educational consulting company in Viet Nam that works exclusively with regionally accredited colleges and universities in the US, and officially accredited institutions in other countries.)  


Institutions may be represented only by faculty, staff, or alumni,, by a faculty member in Viet Nam on a research or teaching assignment, or by local alumni. Note: No more than two representatives may be at a table during the fairs.  This means a total of three, including your student volunteer. 

Student Volunteers

Each school will be assisted by a student volunteer, who will help to represent your school and facilitate communication with students and parents. You have the option of contacting your student volunteer(s) before you arrive. This service is included in the fee.  We have received consistently outstanding evaluations of our student volunteers in each city.  

Country Briefing

Dr. Mark Ashwill, Managing Director and Co-Founder, will conduct a country briefing to provide participants with relevant and useful information about local market conditions and trends.  To learn more about Dr. Ashwill’s background, have a look at this biographical sketch and read this 2017 interview entitled Capstone Vietnam: Why This Education Entrepreneur Is Excited About Vietnam’s Future.  

High School Visits and Consular Briefing

Visits are arranged to high schools with sizable numbers of alumni who study overseas, including in Canada and the US.  Consular briefings will be arranged in HCMC or Hanoi, if possible. 

Other Activities

In addition to all of the above, Capstone hosts a group dinner in HCMC, and organizes an excursion to the UNESCO World Heritage site of Hoi An for those who participate in the Danang fair.  Both are great opportunities to network in a relaxed setting and learn more about Vietnamese society and culture. 

Visa Type

You should get a business visa from the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam in your country or one of its Consulates General with a letter of invitation from Capstone Vietnam that will send to you as part of the fair package after online registration.


Here’s what some colleagues have had to say about Capstone Vietnam and our fairs.

Capstone Vietnam organizes the best U.S. college tour in Vietnam. They cater to universities and community colleges and have many years of experience. Their knowledge of the market is unlike any other company in the region. I recommend using their services if you want to find high-quality Vietnamese students for your institution. (Talia Popkovski, Manager of International Student Recruitment, Valencia College, Orlando, FL, USA)

After participating in Capstone’s four-city Vietnamese student recruitment tour, one can’t help but be impressed.  From the leadership team of Mark Ashwill and Hang Pham, to the coordinators and student translators, they were all friendly, caring, and professional.  Capstone’s ability to network and effectively bring large numbers of Vietnamese students to the recruiting events was impressive. Their ability to use a warm, personal touch to create a feeling of excitement about the idea of studying in the U.S. was exceptional.  I was so impressed when the Vietnamese students walked into the recruiting events --- they were will briefed on the benefits of studying in the U.S. and they were already excited to enroll in our University.  If you are charged with recruiting high-quality Vietnamese students to your institution, I have no doubt that Capstone will do a terrific job to help you achieve your goals.  As an organization that not only knows how to connect higher education with high-quality students, but also knows how to graciously host Americans in an exotic and wonderful country, I give Capstone my highest recommendation.  (A. Keith Dils, Ed.D., Dean, College of Education, Slippery Rock University)

We have worked with Capstone Vietnam over the past several years.  They are exceptional partners in helping our college establish a strong presence in Vietnam.  Their knowledge and understanding of the Vietnamese market and educational system has greatly supported our efforts to increase enrollments from Viet Nam. Thank you Capstone!  (Diana Sampson, former Executive Director, International Education, Shoreline Community College)

I have been working with Capstone Vietnam since its inception. Capstone’s professional way of doing business, the immense knowledge of the U.S. higher education system that their staff possess and the incredibly successful fairs they organize are the reasons Edmonds Community College has participated in all of their events related to studying in the United States. (Thalia Saplad, Edmonds Community College)

Capstone provides excellent service to both potential U.S. international students and the schools that attend their fairs.  It's clear Capstone knows how to attract authentic prospective students.  Excellent planning, training of staff and volunteers, outreach and follow-up.  (John Driscoll, California State University-East Bay)

I was very pleased by both the quantity and quality of the students I spoke with at the Capstone Vietnam fairs. Five students completed applications as a result of the fairs and I have corresponded with several fair participants by email. I look forward to working with Capstone Vietnam again in the future.  (Keila Ferree, Columbia College)

I have spent a lot of time living and working in Asia, but this was my first experience recruiting in Viet Nam. I am very happy I joined the Capstone Vietnam recruiting tour. The in-depth knowledge and understanding that Capstone staff brought to and shared with the group was a great way to get introduced to the students, the schools and the educational system there. They provided a great infrastructure for us. I visited a lot of schools and talked to a lot of students I would not have been in touch with otherwise. It was educational, and even fun! (David Wivell, Associate Director/International Enrollment, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

15 Reasons to Join Our Fairs

1-   Quality:  Only regionally accredited institutions from the US and officially accredited institutions from Canada are allowed to join the StudyUSA Higher Education Fairs.  This is good both for you and the students/parents who attend our fairs, for whom quality is of paramount important.  In addition, honor by association is win-win.  

2-   Outstanding service:  During their time in here, we take good care of our fair colleagues both professionally and personally, if needed or requested.

3-    Reputation:  Capstone Vietnam is one of Viet Nam’s leading educational consulting companies.  We pride ourselves on our innovation, commitment to excellence, and ethical business practices.  

4-    Location:  The fairs are offered in key primary and secondary markets representing all three regions of Viet Nam.

5-    Outreach to local public, private and international schools that send sizable numbers of graduates to the US to pursue higher education.  This includes large group meetings, classroom visits and mini-fairs. (We try to arrange mini-fairs, whenever possible.)

6-   Convenient and quick online registration and access to important fair-related documents, plus informative pre-fair updates.   

7-   Extensive interaction with Capstone staff, especially for colleagues who join more than one fair.  This gives you the chance to learn more about student recruitment and the broader societal context in Viet Nam.

8-   Organic attendance.  Unlike some companies, Capstone doesn’t inflate attendance by paying schools to bus students, hiring services that pay “students” to come, or offering cash payments to attendees.  This is one reason we have a reputation for attracting serious and quality students to our events. 

9-   Authoritative country briefing by Dr. Mark Ashwill, an international educator who has lived and worked in Viet Nam since 2005 and first traveled to the country in 1996. 

10- Capstone scanning system for easy retrieval and storage of student contact information using a QR code or barcode scanner - your choice.  

11- Post-fair follow-up.  Our staff follow up on all leads via email and phone.  We will also translate a message into Vietnamese that you draft for your student contacts, including fairs and high school visits – at no additional charge. 

12- Advertising opportunities in the StudyUSA & Canada fair guide to increase your visibility during and after the fairs.  (The fair guides are distributed to students and parents in our offices and at public events until the next fair series.  Here is a link to our fall 2018 fair guide.)  

13- Integrity:  We always look for best fit institutions for Canada- and US-bound students and their parents. In addition, our fair attendance is organic (e.g., we don't artificially inflate attendance) and our marketing ethical and extensive.

14- Free initial advising services:  Provided to all participants for all participating schools. 100% of the advising fee (except visa counseling, if desired) is refunded, if students enroll in a partner school.

15- Customized marketing and venue layout.  Realizing that “one size doesn’t fit all,” we customize some of the marketing and organize the venue layout so that different types of institutions are in different sections of the ballroom to make it easier for students and parents.   


2. Fair Dates, Sites and Fees


 CityFee  Literature Only
Sat, February 23 (School Visits, Country/Consular Briefings & Fair Day)

Hanoi$1,700  $700
Sun, February 24 (Fair Day)
Mon, February 25 (School visits & travel to Danang) 

*Haiphong  $1,650 $700
Tue, February 26 (School visits)
Wed, February 27 (Fair Day)

Danang  $1,650 $700 
Thu, February 28 (Travel to Nha Trang)
Fri, March 1 (School visits & Fair Day)

*Nha Trang $1,650  $700 
Sat, March 2 (School visits in afternoon)
Sun, March 3 (Fair Day)

Ho Chi Minh city $1,700  $700 
(*Limited capacity)

The fairs in Hanoi, Haiphong and HCMC will take place from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., while those in Danang and Nha Trang will occur from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.  All fairs are held in four- and five-star hotels that are familiar to students and parents.

The fee includes fair registration, a student interpreter/assistant, country and consular briefings, high school visits/mini-fairs, a group meal in Hanoi, full staff support in each city and ground transportation to related events, an excursion to Hoi An for those who join the Danang fair.  It does not include domestic flights or hotels.  (We are happy to help you make these arrangements – at no charge.  We can add the cost to your invoice or bill you separately)  We expect between 200 and 400 attendees, depending upon the location of the fair.  

Note: “Literature only” means that a carefully screened and trained student volunteer represents your school and is prepared to answer basic questions.  We will introduce you to your volunteers before the fairs so that you can communicate with them via email and online chat.

Fair Discounts

  • Early bird: 5%, if you register by December 1, 2018.  

  • Multi-city:  Three (3) cities:  $4,800; four (4) cities: $6,000; five (5) cities: $7,300

  • Capstone partner in Viet Nam:  5%, If you’re not already a partner and are interested in becoming one, please let us know and one of our staff will contact you.  

Spring 2019 Deadlines

Priority Registration Deadline: December 1, 2018.  An early bird discount of 5% will be applied to your invoice if payment is received by December 15, 2018

Final Registration Deadline: February 1, 2019

Payment Deadline: February 10, 2019

3. Why Viet Nam? 


Since you’re here, you’ve probably already answered this question to your satisfaction but just in case you or your colleagues need more information and a stronger justification for investing in a fair series, here it is.  The following articles by Dr. Ashwill and a 2017 interview with him contain some of this information. 

Shifting focus: Vietnamese students & overseas study destinations (23.8.18)  

Vietnamese students look at the US and head north (27.4.18) - about the recent shift to Canada 

The Wave Continues to Build: Vietnamese Students in the USA (19.1.18)

To many Vietnamese, US still a top overseas study destination in spite of Donald Trump (16.9.17)

Capstone Vietnam: Why This Education Entrepreneur Is Excited About Vietnam’s Future (August 2017)

4. Online Registration, Payment and Shipment Policies   


Method of payment

After receiving your registration, we will send you an invoice within a week with instructions about the international wire transfer or other method of payment. After you wire the payment to Capstone Vietnam, please fax the wire transfer confirmation to us at 84-4-3938 8456, or email a scanned version to us at fairs@capstonevietnam.com .

Cancellation Policy

50 days + before the first fair: 70% refund

30-49 days before the first fair: 50% refund

0-29 days before the first fair: No refund

If payment has not been made at the time of cancellation, Capstone Vietnam will invoice institutions based on this refund policy. 

5. Shipment of Materials

You may choose between OCS and Air Concepts, both of which have good in country teams, which is important for handling any customs-related problems that may arise.  Once you register, you will receive a fair package with information about both options.  It's your choice.  

If you wish to ship your materials directly, your best choice is Fedex or DHL.  However, even with Fedex or DHL, there are times when materials are held up in Customs and a fee might be required to obtain them.  Customs frequently does not release materials in time.  

6. Translation and In-Country Printing of Materials
If you have not already done so, it is essential to have your promotional materials translated into Vietnamese. Keep in mind that most Vietnamese parents do not read English and they are the key decision-makers, after all.

Capstone Vietnam can arrange to have your promotional materials printed in country at additional cost. The advantages of in country printing are convenience (e.g., no problems with Customs) and substantial cost-savings, including printing and shipping. We can also ship materials to a recipient of your choosing in Viet Nam (e.g., agent, high school) – at modest cost. Contact us for details. 

7. Marketing and Promotion 

Capstone invests a considerable amount in marketing and promoting its fairs series, including high school outreach, online marketing, extensive use of social media (e.g., Facebook), email blasts, a promotional video, flyer and poster distribution, street banners, phone calls, text messages, and the use of teams of student volunteers in each fair city. 

Attendees have the option of registering online, the main advantage of which is streamlined entry to the fair, or on-site registration.  Our goal, in the words of one colleague whose testimonial appears above, is “to attract authentic prospective students.”  We dot our bureaucratic I’s and cross our T’s, meaning we secure all the necessary permissions from the authorities for the fairs and related activities. 

In addition to the usual pre-fair publicity, we offer several marketing options designed to generate additional student/parent interest in your school. We’re also willing to organize individual info sessions or coffee talks before or after the fairs on a first-come, first-served basis. Costs vary, so please contact us for more information. 

The Capstone Scanning System, which has received positive reviews, allows you to scan student information using a barcode scanner, which we supply at no additional charge, or a QR Code scanner using your iPhone or iPad.  This means you have real-time information about the students coming to your table, which facilitates quick follow-up. 

8. Institutional Profile in the Fair Guide

We publish a StudyUSA & Canada Higher Education fair guide that is distributed free of charge to all attendees.  The fair guide provides basic information about institutions, including selling points, academic programs, tuition and fees, admission requirements, etc.  It also contains articles of interest to students and parents.  Follow this link to have a look at the fall 2018 fair guide

Extra copies of the fair guide will be distributed at the offices of Capstone Vietnam, selected high schools, etc. until the next fair series. 

Only institutions that submit their Institutional Profile by the priority deadline will be included in the fair guide.

Size Option

Color Full Page Mono [Size/Length290mm x Width200mm]


Artwork must be submitted on CD, via e-mail, or file sharing. Data format must be in one of the following:

Adobe Illustrator 9- EPS- PDF (High Quality Print)- Photo of College in horizontal (at least 300dpi)

9. Advertising in the StudyUSA Higher Education Fair Guide in Viet Nam

Advertising in the fair guide is open to all regionally accredited schools in the United States and officially accredited institutions in Canada, regardless of whether they participate in the fair series.

Advertising helps to brand your institution and signals your interest in welcoming Vietnamese students to your campus. Those that do not participate in the fairs can use advertising as an opportunity for fair attendees and others to learn about the many advantages of attending their school.  

Advertising Information and Pricing

Size Options


Color Half Page (at the end of the fair guide) / [Size/Length 140 mm x Width 200 mm]


Color Full Page (next to your profile) / [Size/Length 290 mm x Width 200 mm]



Artwork must be submitted on CD or via e-mail. Data format must be in one of the following:

Adobe Illustrator 9- EPS- PDF (High Quality Print) - Horizontal photo of institution (at least 300 dpi)

10. Schedule

A note about domestic transportation:  While we will fly to Danang, Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh city, we will travel to Haiphong from Hanoi by bus provided by Capstone (included in fee). There is a flight from Haiphong to Danang from Cat Bi airport.

11. Resources for Institutional Participants

A password-protected resources page containing an updated list of recommended readings and links to online resources about Viet Nam and education will be made available to registered participants.



Fall 2018 fair guide cover

If you need more information, please contact us at fairs@capstonevietnam.com

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