In Country Representation

Do you have a localized Vietnamese language version of your promotional materials?  If not, it’s something you seriously consider.  The reality is that very few parents, the key decision makers, read English.

A couple of years ago, a colleague told us that she expects prospective students to be to understand English.  Our response was it’s the parents who make the decision, in most cases, and who control the purse strings for big ticket items such as overseas study.

Institutions with Vietnamese language materials already have a slight competitive advantage simply because parents and students can easily understand what they have to offer.  We offer high-quality translation and printing services at reasonable rates.  We can also ship materials to agents, high schools, and other contacts.  

You can also use the translated material for digital purposes.

We have done translation work and printing for hundreds of clients over the past nine years. 

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In Country Representation

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